I come from refugees on both sides of my family. My father worked for the UN and his father was the UN Ambassador and then on my mother’s side, my grandmother was in the Holocaust. Seeing so many people look like me, I could have easily been one of them. The biggest surprise to me was that I was expecting to see these people that were completely broken—people that had lost everything and were hopeless.  But instead I saw these people that were resilient. I kind of want to put my eyes into other people and have them see what I’ve seen. I remember meeting this nurse back in Syria, if there’s people that are in their intensive caravans that can’t get to one of the six medical centers, he goes from tent to tent helping them and pulling out shrapnel in the children.(x)

Damon Salvatore in the ’60s - The Vampire Diaries 5x19 “Man of Fire” Stills
"Can you sing a ballad about your Loki hair not being real?" [x]

Ian, how many shirts have you had been ripped off of you?




Jim just set the husband bar so high

Jim sets the bar of being a man to an unreachable level….

best scene of this episode


March 18 - ‘Divergent’ Premiere

red as blood
black as night

Nina Dobrev on eTalk (April 2014)

@iansomerhalder: #throwbackthursdays #DENZO me & @mkmalarkey aka Enzo and Damon hanging. Late night jam session with wine and guitars. Love this Bromance… On and off screen